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The Concrete Retaining Wall Installation Process

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[li_item icon=””]• After the demolition of your current concrete or structure, our crews will excavate and ensure your sub-grade is correct and ready for concrete placement. Your concrete is only as solid as the ground it is sitting on. We utilize a rock base and proper footing construction to avoid settling and shifting after your concrete is poured.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]We will set the benchmarks and forms to make sure water will drain properly. We will then set steel reinforcements. This provides you the most structural integrity for your driveway and in the event you get a crack, it will hold everything together and keep the crack to a minimum.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]When we are ready to pour, we will pour a high quality mix design. The concrete mix we pour will meet or exceed industry standards for compression strength and air entrapment. Weather conditions, temperature and humidity can have a significant impact on how a concrete mix will behave. Our experience allows us to work closely with our suppliers to tweak the mixes and ensure they will act how we want them to while we are finishing.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]We will incorporate proper concrete finishing techniques, while doing everything possible to control and prevent cracking. “Shrinkage cracking” occurs in all concrete when it becomes hard or hydrates and moisture evaporates. We attempt to control where concrete is going to crack by installing proper control joints, zip strips &/or saw cuts in predetermined locations to give it a place to crack and better maintain flatwork aesthetics.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Midwest seals all concrete with the proper sealant for the job. From cure-n-seal acrylics to solvent based high gloss acrylics or lifetime sealers such as penetrating silane 40 sealer.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]After the job has been poured, we will educate you on what to expect and how to properly maintain your new investment.[/li_item]

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Midwest Concrete & Construction
We can't thank Tom and the team enough. Midwest concrete installed a new deck around our pool with a concrete stamped finish with color and a sealer. We used it every day this summer. From the kids having friends over, to family BBQ's, we couldn't get enough of the pool. It was a little overwhelming at first when construction started, but we quickly saw that this was just another day at work for Tom and the crew. All the guys were super friendly and we are glad we chose them. Already have given out fiver referrals.