A Concrete driveway is the perfect way to improve the curb appeal of your home?

A beautiful home starts with a beautiful driveway. Homeowners take great pride in the exterior of their home. The concrete driveway has become an essential part of a landscaping plan that imparts an inviting image. Midwest Concrete expert knowledge and wide variety of texture, color, or patterns has elevated the driveway to the status of a landscape design element…exceeding today’s homeowner’s expectations. From the street to the garage, a personally designed concrete driveway by Midwest Concrete not only adds visual satisfaction, but also adds long lasting quality and value to your home as well. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

Midwest Concrete can design and construct a concrete driveway with unmatched quality and affordable service!

Concrete Driveway Design, Ideas and Construction

Concrete is an excellent driveway material. Concrete driveways have long been known to give trouble-free service to homeowners. It is versatile, preferred for durability, appearance, low maintenance, and indicates quality construction from the first glance. Today’s concrete can be formed into practically any shape, texture, pattern, or color. It is a way of adding a new dimension of quality and elegance to your home, at a reasonable cost. Midwest Concrete offers these options plus:

  • We can obtain the necessary permits for your project
  • Expert Concrete Driveway Repair when applicable
  • Work with our experts on your Concrete driveway design
  • Demolition and removal of old your old concrete driveway
  • Site Preparation, Grading, leveling and proper rock backfill
  • Normal to extra thick concrete slabs with rebar reinforcement
  • Large Selection of designs and concrete stamps
  • Custom concrete stain and colors available

Boasting thousands of possible color combinations and patterns you can create your own personal haven or retreat that will stand the test of time. With all of the amazing characteristics that concrete has, it is the product of choice for the educated consumer.

So, why should I choose Midwest Concrete for my new concrete driveway?

The answer is simple. We offer the best concrete driveway design and construction in the St. Louis area.

The quality of a completed concrete driveway always begins with good planning. Since 1978, Midwest Concrete and Construction has specialized in helping customers in St. Louis, MO metro area with quality concrete driveway construction. We can help you design a beautiful concrete driveway that you’ll be proud of, has great functionality and adds value to your property.

Midwest Concrete crews will give you the personal attention that will leave you feeling confident in our concrete construction services. Using only high grade concrete, paired with knowledgeable and talented concrete experience, Midwest Concrete is your ideal choice for dependable, professional quality craftsmanship. You driveway will never look the same with help of Midwest Concrete. Call us at 636-451-5424 or contact us online to start your concrete driveway project.

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The Concrete Driveway Installation Process

  • After the demolition of your current driveway, our crews will ensure your sub-grade is correct and ready for concrete placement. Your concrete driveway is only as solid as the ground it is sitting on. We utilize a rock base and thoroughly compact it to avoid settling and shifting after your concrete is poured.
  • We will set the benchmarks and forms to make sure water will drain properly. We will then set steel reinforcements. This provides you the most structural integrity for your driveway and in the event you get a crack, it will hold everything together and keep the crack to a minimum.
  • When we are ready to pour, we will pour a high quality mix design. The concrete mix we pour will meet or exceed industry standards for compressive strength and air entrainment. Weather conditions, temperature and humidity can have a significant impact on how a concrete mix will behave. Our experience allows us to work closely with our suppliers to tweak the mixes and ensure they will act how we want them to while we are finishing.
  • We will incorporate proper concrete finishing techniques, while doing everything possible to control and prevent cracking. “Shrinkage cracking” occurs in all concrete when it becomes hard or hydrates and moisture evaporates. We attempt to control where concrete is going to crack by installing proper control joints, zip strips &/or saw cuts in predetermined locations to give it a place to crack and better maintain a driveways aesthetics.
  • After the job has been poured, we will educate you on what to expect and how to properly maintain your new investment.

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We went from a single car drive to a double car driveway with a turn-around. The crew at Midwest did an awesome job, thank you!